Preview – Global AI Ship Traffic will soon bring variety to maritime traffic in MSFS

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a flight simulator, but what happens down there on earth is arguably just as important as what’s going on inside the cockpit. After all, it’s the realism of the scenery that makes MSFS so popular, and the existence of maritime traffic helps a lot with the immersion levels when flying above water.

We recently saw newcomers Seafront Simulations announcing a new product series for MSFS, based around the idea of improving the coastlines in the sim with thousands of vessels. Their first region, Channels Islands, is free to download and try, with the promise of new regions to be released in the near future.

But today we’d like to introduce you to a new upcoming addon for MSFS that aims to bring global ship traffic to MSFS, with hundreds of realistic ships of many sizes and shapes. Global AI Ship Traffic is a project by Henrik Nielson, previously available for FSX and P3D, that is now coming to MSFS with some really great-looking boats!

The idea here is to populate the seas with real-world ships that go about their lives across the vastness of the oceans. Some are small sailing boats that you will only notice when flying low and slow, others are large container ships that will still be visible from 40.000 feet. There’s a lot of variety: cruise ships, tankers, fishing boats, military vessels, and more.

Global AI Ship Traffic has been a well-loved addon for FSX and P3D for years, and it’s great to see it coming to MSFS too. Henrik is saying that the product is now under beta testing, and should be out before the end of this month. It’s a stunning freeware mod that is bound to dramatically improve the scenery down in the oceans and we can’t wait to try it!