Take a tour of the Alps with this freeware bush trip for MSFS

The bush trips in Flight Simulator are great ways to explore a particular region of the world, learning how to navigate around unknown terrain while discovering some hidden gems of the world. Besides the included trips, we’ve seen the release of several third-party adventures that are well integrated in the simulator.

A great example of one of these third-party bush trips is the ‘Tour of the Alps‘, a series of 16 scenic legs across the Italian Alps. Created by Davide Rosso and Matteo Stevenazzi, this bush trip is separated into 4 parts, which will have you fly more than 1600 miles with some quick visits to the neighbouring France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. Along the way you’ll get the chance to visit some truly spectacular and legendary airports, like Courchevel and Innsbruck.

The aircraft of choice for this trip is the Diamond DA62, an ideal choice given its speed and power that allows it to reach the necessary safe altitudes over the mountains. While flying over the stunning scenery below, you’ll have the help of a detailed navigation logbook, which includes plenty of interesting geographical, historical and cultural details of each location, definitely enriching your experience as you get to know each corner of the Italian Alps.

Additionally, each bit of information is voiced by the included MSFS speech system, and some photographs have also been added to some points of interest to help tell a bit more the story of some places.

Overall, this is an incredibly compelling package, very well put together, that could very well be a paid addon. Instead, it’s completely free, and a true testament of the authors’ love for this region and their generosity in sharing what they know with the entire MSFS community. Highly recommended!