Liveries Mega Pack team releases Ultra HD Sub-Pack with 24 high quality, 8K liveries

The Liveries Mega Pack has been a hugely popular livery collection in the MSFS community, currently amassing over 600 liveries for many of the default aircraft.

While you can download the entire pack and even use the Livery Manager to download and install just the liveries you want, it hasn’t been easy to know which liveries have a particularly high quality standard, with high levels of detail and resolution. That’s why the team has just released a Sub-pack of the main Liveries Mega Pack, containing 24 carefully selected liveries that use 8K Ultra HD textures, thus providing the highest levels of graphically fidelity, perfect for those stunning screenshots!

This sub-pack contains high quality liveries from airlines such as UPS, Air Canada, Air Malta, and more.

Don’t forget to follow the official Discord for any additional information.