We Love VFR – a free pack of thousands of VFR-friendly objects: antennas, radio towers, and more

For the first time ever in flight simulation, Microsoft Flight Simulator allows you to fly from point A to point B by following real-world Visual Flight Rules (VFR). The overall scenery fidelity and accuracy in real world object placement like roads, rivers, buildings, make it easy to follow the known path and arrive at your destination.

While MSFS is rich in all these elements, there are others that are surely missing, most notably communication towers, antennas, etc. PuffinFlight saw the opportunity here to create something that enriches this experience for everyone, and started the ‘We Love VFR’ project, which aims to improve the MSFS object library with thousands of accurately placed new objects. This first version, ‘Region 1’, covers the whole Europe and also Northern Africa, with over 40.000 objects and 21 different mast variants, with many more planned.

The placements of each object is based on data from OpenStreetMap, which isn’t always the most accurate with both object type and location. Nonetheless, this pack adds a lot of towers and antennas that definitely help with the immersion factor of looking for real world reference points and use them to navigate.

The developer is very open to feedback in order to improve this new addon, and the idea is for ‘We love VFR’ to expand to other regions in the world, so make sure to follow the project at flightsim.to for further updates!

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