PMDG 777 for MSFS: Latest Cockpit Details Unveiled

In an update following our recent coverage of PMDG’s progress on the Boeing 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Robert Randazzo has shared more intricate details about the cockpit’s development, providing enthusiasts with a closer look at what to expect from this highly anticipated release.

Randazzo’s latest dispatch offers a rich exploration of the 777’s flight deck, highlighting the extensive efforts to achieve an immersive and authentic environment in the airliner that is expected to soon become available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Three new images showcase the cockpit’s lighting dynamics and surface textures, a focal point of the update. Randazzo emphasizes the challenge of replicating the paint’s light-diffusing properties, which are crucial for reducing glare. The development team has invested “many many hours building out diffuse layer models” to accurately render the quality of the surface under different lighting conditions.

The update goes on to detail the incorporation of wear and tear throughout the cockpit, which are expected due to the aircraft’s 12 years of service. This includes specific mentions of surface damage, such as on the throttle pedestal “where it was clearly handled improperly during a maintenance check,” and the polished look of high-touch areas.

If you look around the yoke horns, and specifically at the palm-grip for the electronic checklist… you will notice that the palm guard is polished and shiny from the hands and oils that have been rubbed into it,” Randazzo notes.

One of the cool features simmers expect from a highly detailed airliner is the possibility to explore the aircraft beyond the flight deck. This will naturally be possible with the PMDG 777. Highlighting the model’s functionality, Randazzo confirms, “Yes, the [cockpit] door can be opened and closed. Yes, you can wander around the cabin.”

Interestingly, this possibility of wandering around the cabin will come with appropriately adjusted sounds based on the user’s location in the aircraft.

PMDG continues to push forward with the final stages of testing of the PMDG 777. Everything seems aligned for a release in the very near future, in what we’re expecting to be one of the most exciting times of the year for MSFS simmers.

At this point, PMDG is likely waiting for Sim Update 15 to be released before running the 777 package through a final round of tests with that new platform version and then setting a timeline for the release. Exciting times for long-haul virtual pilots! As always, we’ll inform you of every new update from PMDG about the highly anticipated release of the Boeing 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.