Watch the first video of the PMDG 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

It’s happening, everyone! PMDG’s highly anticipated Boeing 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator has premiered today in what is the first video of the aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This premiere, aligning with the opening of FSWeekend in Lelystad, offers a much-awaited glimpse into the development progress of what we expect to be a groundbreaking addition to the Microsoft Flight Simulator airliner lineup.

Those waiting for a detailed overview of the project or some of the aircraft’s features, as we’ve seen in the past from PMDG leading up to new releases, are in for a bit of a disappointment. Today’s video is just a teaser, with some, admittedly, stunning external and internal shots of the PMDG 777-300ER, which will be the first variant to be released. More comprehensive materials will surely be out in the coming weeks, though. Still, here it is:

The PMDG 777 is a logical expansion of PMDG’s highly acclaimed product series for Microsoft Flight Simulator. According to PMDG, the forthcoming product line will feature the 777-200ER, 777-200LR, 777F, and 777-300ER airframes. Each model will boast meticulously accurate cockpit designs, engine performance, and flight models.

PMDG’s announcement highlights several new gameplay elements that the 777 package will introduce, including an expanded maintenance tracking system, aircraft management capabilities, and an improved EFB.

The development of the PMDG 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator draws on the team’s extensive experience in the aviation and airline industries. Leveraging decades of real-world expertise, PMDG aims to deliver a simulation experience that closely mirrors flying the actual aircraft. The developers claim that their commitment to accuracy and detail will make the PMDG 777 the next best thing to piloting the real aircraft.

Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking release. The PMDG 777 is just around the corner!