FlyByWire brings the biggest update yet to the A32NX flyPad

The A32NX from FlyByWire may have lost some pilots after the release of the Fenix A320, but that doesn’t mean it will now be left forgotten as a fond memory from the early years of MSFS. In fact, it continues to enjoy a devoted following, it’s still very actively developed, and it’s still free!

To prove that, FlyByWire pushed this weekend the biggest update yet to the EFB in the A32NX, at least to those using the development version of the aircraft. This update brings flyPadOS to version 3.0 and introduces an impressive number of great new features and changes.

Those who’ve flown the Fenix A320 have enjoyed one of the most useful EFBs to ever grace a flight simulation airplane. Naturally, simmers wish to have a similarly rich experience in other airliners (*cough* looking at you PMDG 737). This stunning work from Fenix Simulations is surely serving as an inspiration for other developers, but FlyByWire already had a nicely detailed EFB that continues to be improved.

Among the new features in the flyPad, simmers will find an improved user interface with more easily accessible information, now available in more than 30 languages! That’s right, the A32NX EFB has been translated thanks to the help of over 200 contributors, making the whole experience more accessible to those less familiar with the English language. A very welcome addition that makes this aircraft even more compelling to users from all over the world.

FBW A32NX EFB update 5

FBW A32NX EFB update 4

FBW A32NX EFB update 3

FBW A32NX EFB update 2

FBW A32NX EFB update 1

This refreshed user experience brings a few notable changes in the dashboard, where pilots can quickly get the information they need:

  • Shortcuts to take you to where you want to go.
  • Flight status and general information including your planned route.
  • METAR information – customizable with your choice of ICAO (displayed raw or with simple symbology).
  • Active and upcoming checklists.
  • Pinned Navigraph charts.
  • Active failure management.

Some specific features of the EFB have also been overhauled, such as integrated pushback functionality, which now allows finer controls; better performance calculation that pulls data directly from your SimBrief OFP; interactive “smark” checklists that change according to the current stage of flight; improved Navigraph chart integration with real-time positioning of the aircraft; better UI for the failures simulation page; a new online ATC page so you can quickly see what frequencies are online and in range; or the new customizable lighting presets that allows pilots to set up flight deck lighting as they wish and save that configuration for later uses.

There’s a lot to unpack with the latest update to the flyPad, so we invite you to read the full post on the FlyByWire website, where you can learn a little more about everything new with flyPadOS 3.0. There is some great new stuff coming in future versions as well, such as pushback planning, the possibility to draw on charts, and more, so stay tuned for further updates!

flyPadOS 3.0 is now available in the development version of the A32NX. To get this new update, just fire up the Installer and grab the latest version. Remember that if you’re on the stable version, this functionality will not be available at this time.