Get rid of that pesky MSFS toolbar handle with this screenshot-saving freeware mod

See that white little thingy on the top of the screen that shows whenever you move your mouse? It’s a hint that there’s a toolbar there full of functions, but you know that already, so why not just get rid of it? Flight Simulator doesn’t provide that simple option, but thankfully there’s a simple freeware mod that does just that.

How many screenshots have you ruined with that damn thing? There’s probably someone at PMDG that hates it with a passion… Remember when the first images of the DC-6 were revealed, teasing at some kind of “new rendering engine”? One of the images had the infamous MSFS toolbar handle barely visible, completely giving away their source.

It’s a good thing then that someone decided it was time to give a choice for simmers to eliminate it. That’s what developer ither did, with a simple mod that hides the handle while still enabling its functionality. Now, just over your mouse over the top of the screen, just as you did before, and the toolbar buttons will still appear, without ever showing the handle. A simple magic trick that will certainly save many screenshots!

As usual with mods for Flight Simulator, installation is dead-easy: just drop the ‘Ither-NoHandleBar’ into your Community folder, and you’re good to go. Also confirmed to work with Sim Update 5, so no worries there.

No Handle Bar is available for free at

MSFS hide toolbar handle mod freeware 5

MSFS hide toolbar handle mod freeware 4

MSFS hide toolbar handle mod freeware 3

MSFS hide toolbar handle mod freeware 1

Never let this annoying thing happen again.