FSDG Releases Stunning Kefalonia Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Flight Sim Development Group (FSDG) has announced the release of its latest scenery package for Microsoft Flight Simulator: Kefalonia Scenic Routes Edition. This addition to the MSFS catalog introduces the Greek island of Kefalonia, offering impressive levels of detail and authenticity that the developer promises will set a new standard in the flight simulation community.

FSDG’s rendition of Kefalonia does look truly impressive in the official promotional images. Featuring ultra-high resolution textures, sophisticated modeling, and exhaustive attention to detail, this package aims to provide a comprehensive and immersive simulation experience for MSFS simmers, capturing the essence of the island and its airport with remarkable precision.

From meticulously crafted night lighting to accurately represented airport surroundings and local landmarks, FSDG promises a virtual environment that mirrors the real-world beauty and complexity of Kefalonia.

The focal point of this scenery is Kefalonia Airport (LGKF), known for its picturesque setting and the technical challenges it presents to pilots. But FSDG’s package extends beyond the airport itself, combining detailed surroundings for a significant overhaul of the area that will have pilots appreciate not only the airport itself, but also the scenery as they arrive or depart from the airport.

FSDG Kefalonia Airport MSFS 1

FSDG Kefalonia Airport MSFS 3

FSDG Kefalonia Airport MSFS 2

Greece is a gorgeous country to fly over and its islands offer simmers plenty of connecting opportunities to and from European hubs. With this rendition of Kefalonia, we’re now getting another great excuse to visit this beautiful region of the world and appreciate its beauty from the skies above!

FSDG’s Kefalonia Airport is available now for just under €20.00.

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