PMDG Teases 777 Cockpit in Spectacular New Images

The PMDG 777 is the most highly anticipated aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, as indicated by the latest Navigraph Flight Sim Community Survey. The excitement surrounding this release is palpable wherever flight simmers gather. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see what PMDG has in store with the Triple Seven, following the excellent releases of the 737 and DC-6.

This eagerly awaited airliner, which PMDG is building to the very best of the team’s capabilities, is expected to be released within weeks. Although a precise release date is yet unknown, everything feels like it’s falling into the right places, as testified by today’s update from Randazzo which gives us a sneak peek into the outstanding level of detail in the upcoming wide-body airliner.

Randazzo’s update is filled with enthusiasm and reveals the lengths to which the PMDG team goes to ensure authenticity in this simulation. The 777 project is advancing rapidly, with recent beta versions focusing on resolving conflicts between PMDG’s C++ code and the Clang compiler used by MSFS. This meticulous debugging process is crucial for ensuring a stable and reliable end-user experience.

While a specific release date for the PMDG 777 for MSFS is not yet set, the team is optimistic, as indicated by their preparation of detailed preview images and videos. This step is a clear sign of confidence in the project’s progress and its nearing completion.

Randazzo shared several images showcasing the extraordinary level of detail in the 777’s cockpit. These images reveal the nuanced textures and materials used to create an incredibly lifelike simulation. From the Korrey switches’ subtle detailing to the realistic texturing of surfaces like Velcro straps and bulkheads, every element is crafted with precision.

PMDG 777 MSFS Vin 05

PMDG 777 MSFS Vin 06

The PMDG team’s access to real-world 777s has allowed them to verify and refine their virtual model, ensuring an unparalleled level of accuracy. The images shared by Randazzo demonstrate this commitment, highlighting elements like the window latching mechanism and the cockpit’s overall environment.

The stakes are high for the PMDG 777, and the team definitely seems motivated to bring out their best with this project. The hype train is rolling, and it’s filled with enthusiasm! Randazzo even claims that, for PMDG and Boeing, this will probably be the finest desktop simulation outside or even inside the enterprise environment!

Stay tuned for further updates soon, which will include a behind-the-scenes look at the development process of PMDG’s new product line. This initiative, spearheaded by Mathijs Kok, who joined PMDG last year, aims to showcase the team’s efforts and the personality behind the PMDG brand. It seems we’ll begin to have a better behind-the-scenes look into what PMDG is cooking up for the future!