Twin Otter testers share first videos, a release is likely imminent

Watch below the latest live preview of the Aerosoft Twin Otter for MSFS, streamed this Sunday by British Avgeek:

Aerosoft is taking its time with the highly-awaited Twin Otter, which has been in development at least since Microsoft Flight Simulator was released in August of 2020. After countless development updates and previews, it seems we already know everything about this aircraft, so all that’s left is for it to finally come out for everyone to enjoy. Well, that seems to be happening soon, because those who have been testing the aircraft have been given permission to share their first videos and impressions!

The Twin Otter for MSFS needs no introduction at this point, and we were actually expecting to see it come out before the end of the year. That has obviously not happened, but the latest signs actually point for a release soon. Aerosoft has now given permission for those who are testing the aircraft to share their opinions, and we’re starting the new year with the first videos popping up on Youtube and Twitch with some more or less in-depth looks at the current state of the aircraft.

One of these first videos comes from the British Avgeek channel on Youtube, where he shows some of the different variants to be included in the package. He goes on to show a bit of the aircraft on the ground, to then start up the engines and take off for a short flight in Antarctica, with the float version. A preview of the amphibian variant is also shown, replicating the famous real-world usage of the Twin Otter carrying passengers across the Maldives.

Another video that has since been published comes from Almost Aviation, who in turn tries an ILS approach into Manchester Airport.

Throughout both videos, it’s clear that some aspects are still under construction, particularly when it comes to the sounds and animations. However, if Aerosoft is allowing these early looks to be shared, we believe it’s just a matter of a few weeks for the Twin Otter to finally arrive on the platform.

As stated before, the Twin Otter will be available in a wide variety of variants and configurations, which are as follows:

DHC-6 Series 100

  • with floats
  • a passenger version with wheels
  • a cargo version with wheels

DHC-6 Series 300

  • an amphibian passenger version
  • a passenger version with floats and short nose
  • a passenger version with floats
  • a passenger version with wheels
  • a passenger version with tundra tires
  • a cargo version with skis
  • a cargo version with tundra tires
  • a cargo version with a three or four-blade propeller
  • a parachuter version with wheels
Aerosoft Antarctica Rothera Twin Otter MSFS 5

Aerosoft Antarctica Rothera Twin Otter MSFS 4

Aerosoft Antarctica Rothera Twin Otter MSFS 3

Aerosoft Antarctica Rothera Twin Otter MSFS 8

Aerosoft Antarctica Rothera Twin Otter MSFS 10

Once it’s finally out, the Twin Otter will be Aerosoft’s second aircraft release for MSFS, after the CRJ Series. Pricing is expected to be just around $30, and a massive 166-page manual will be included in the package to help you take the most out of the aircraft.

The recent release of the Kodiak 100 by Sim Works Studios raised the bar for smaller “hauler” airplanes for MSFS, but while the Otter is definitely a different beast, it will have to compare well if it wants to be competitive. Hopefully, with these latest updates, we will soon find out!

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