Historic Convair B-58 Hustler in Development for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The early years of the jet age represent one of the most exhilarating and transformative eras in the history of aviation. During this time, the world witnessed an extraordinary race in aerospace engineering, characterized by a flurry of new designs, breakthroughs in engine technology, and significant advancements in aerodynamics.

This race was not just about pushing the boundaries of flight but also a strategic chess game played on a global scale, primarily between the United States and the Soviet Union. Each nation sought technical superiority, leading to the development of groundbreaking aircraft that continually shattered records, tested new capabilities, and expanded the horizons of what was possible in the sky.

There are many innovative aircraft designs from the post-WWII era that deserve a digital rendition in MSFS, and today we’re highlighting the efforts of an independent developer to bring one of those airplanes to life. It’s the Convair B-58 Hustler, the first operational bomber to achieve Mach 2 speed, currently being developed by Airmax514, who is also working on the incredible XB-70 Valkyrie that we discussed a while back.

The developer has shared insights into the development process of the B-58 Hustler on the MSFS forums. This model was initially created for FSX but was later abandoned. With renewed vigor and the advanced capabilities of the MSFS platform, Airmax514 aims to enhance the quality and realism of this legendary aircraft. The project is still in its early stages, but the developer has already showcased some impressive features and preview images.

The announcement has generated considerable excitement within the MSFS community, as evidenced by the positive reactions on the forum. Simmers have expressed admiration for the B-58’s clean, futuristic design and are eagerly anticipating the chance to pilot this classic aircraft in the simulator.

Airmax514 has shared some challenges faced in the development process, particularly regarding animation and texture resolution. The developer plans to use high-resolution textures (up to 4K) to ensure the aircraft’s visual fidelity, while being mindful of the potential impact on frame rates. Additionally, there’s anticipation around how the unique flight characteristics of the B-58 will be translated within the MSFS environment.

The Convair B-58 Hustler, a product of the American aircraft manufacturer Convair, was the first operational bomber capable of Mach 2 flight, marking a significant technological leap in the 1950s. Powered by four General Electric J79 engines and featuring a delta wing design, the B-58 was a symbol of innovation during the Cold War.

This project is another example of a creator going his own way to create something he loves and eventually sharing that with the community. When creators share their visions, it naturally sets an expectation and a yearning to experience these marvels firsthand. There’s an undeniable audience within the MSFS community, one that deeply appreciates historic aircraft and the stories they carry. Here’s to hoping that this project reaches fruition – and the XB-70 Valkyrie too!