Enhance Turbulence Effects in Your Flights with RealTurb CAT Areas Global for MSFS v2

Simmers are always looking for ways to enhance the realism of the desktop flight simulators we know and love. In that quest for hyper-realism, we seek the most intricate flight models, the most in-depth systems, the most accurate weather, and so on.

But “flying” in a computer is not just about the airplanes and the scenery around them; it’s equally about the air they fly through. This air shouldn’t just be an empty space in the simulator, but a dynamic, ever-changing environment that really puts pilots to the test. And in this complex interplay of flight, turbulence plays a big role. It adds an element of unpredictability and authenticity to our virtual flights.

This is where RealTurb CAT Areas Global for MSFS steps in. This is a mod that aims to significantly improve the way turbulence is rendered in Microsoft Flight Simulator, making the simulated skies feel more lifelike and dynamic.

RealTurb CAT Areas Global for MSFS introduces an advanced logic for simulating enroute turbulence (CAT) and terrain-induced turbulence. Unlike the previous version of the mod, which relied heavily on SIGMET’s CAT or TS areas, version 2 analyzes the actual wind conditions at the aircraft’s position wherever it is in the world. This method detects wind shifts and variations, creating turbulence effects that are more accurately positioned and reflective of real-world conditions.

Another significant feature of this mod is the terrain-induced turbulence. This aspect extends the RealTurb turbulence effects to lower altitudes, particularly when flying near terrain with wind blowing from that direction. The mod simulates the complex interplay between terrain features and wind patterns, offering pilots a more nuanced and challenging flying experience, especially during approaches and departures.

RealTurb CAT Areas v2 for MSFS 2

Main Features:

  • Global coverage
  • Turbulence effects based on wind vs terrain analysis, wind variations and speed.
  • Realistic (custom made) turbulence effects
  • Custom made turbulence sound (linked to aircraft’s G Load – also tunable from ini file)
  • Easy installation and usage (Just install and forget – RealTurb will auto load when the simulator starts)
  • No user input/setup required for the effects to work. All is analyzed automatically!

Since its release, RealTurb CAT Areas Global v2 has been warmly received, with many noting the enhanced realism and immersion provided by the mod. This is particularly appreciated during critical flight phases like takeoffs and landings, where the increased challenge adds to the overall authenticity of the experience.

RealTurb CAT Areas Global for MSFS v2 is available at SimMarket for around $15.00. For those considering its purchase, a 10-day fully functional demo version is also available, providing an opportunity to experience the mod’s features before buying.