Chinook CH-47 for MSFS “nearly complete”, Miltech Simulations says

Miltech Simulations upcoming Chinook CH-47 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is “nearly complete…with only the final implementation of “special features” missing/in progress”, the developer has said.

Initially announced in June 2023, the iconic and highly anticipated heavy-lift helicopter is set to feature 16 liveries, a range of difference external and internal load configurations, and approximately 20 specially made missions.

In the aircraft’s cargo bay, users will be able to carry a Humvee, troops, cargo pallets, and a “Special Ops Rhib”. Meanwhile Miltech also previewed cargo being slung below the aircraft, including the fuselage of a UH60.

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Writing on the MSFS online forum, the developer said there would be “around 20 (!!) different missions (initially 8-12 planned, but had too much fun creating different scenarios), featuring firefighting, military ops, rescue and heavy cargo transport scenarios. Typically missions consist of carrying different loads from point A to B. Missions generally start at included custom-made sceneries. Such sceneries include (fictional) military compounds, earthquake relief areas and even military bases (such as RAF Odiham). Some features, such as the functional firefighting simulation, will only be initially available through predefined missions.”

MSFS “does not support any kind of autopilot on helicopters”, the developer said, adding: “Rudimentary versions of HDG Hold and Alt Hold are currently implemented but are far from perfect and lacking roll/speed/pitch control. We are still unsure to what extent the AFCS System will be implemented prior to initial release – At minimum it would be a 2-DOF system (HDG+Alt), and at maximum a full 4-DOF system (though this may not be available on initial release).”

Additionally, one of the Miltech Simulations team wrote on Discord: “The idea with this particular product (and many products going forward) is that we are not only developing the aircraft, but also creating scenarios that add that level of “playability” MSFS is currently lacking. This definitely seems to be the trend looking at the announced additions to MSFS2024.”

Finally of note, a new screenshot was shared, showcasing a flight tablet in the Chinook’s cockpit that features tabs for a map, load, fuel, mission, door, and info.

No release date was shared, although it was revealed that the CH-47 would be coming to Xbox with “all features supported”, and that pricing will be in the “mid 30’s $” region.

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