The Fouga CM.170 Magister for MSFS is looking better each day

We have been following the development of AzurPoly’s latest aircraft, the Fouga CM.170 Magister, since its announcement in early November. Since then, we got a few cool images of the cockpit, and the promise from the developer to up the ante and deliver a higher quality product compared to the previous release, the BD-5J “personal jet”.

Now, AzurPoly released a short development update, which comes accompanied by a few stunning new images of the aircraft. These show three of the most famous liveries that will be included with the package, but there’s more. AzurPoly is also including an EFB for the Magister, from where pilots will be able to manage the aircraft’s systems, such as hydraulics, oxygen, and more!

AzusPoly says that work is now underway to implement the several systems that compose the Magister. The modeling and texturing of the aircraft appear to be well advanced at this point, judging from this latest set of images, so it’s natural to expect some progress to be made on other fronts as well.

Fouga Magister MSFS 4

Fouga Magister MSFS 3

Fouga Magister MSFS 2

It’s interesting to see the developers adding an electronic flight bag of some sort, as at least it’s an indication that they are aiming for a more detailed experience, which hopefully will reflect into a better and more realistic simulation.

We still don’t know anything about an estimated release date or pricing, so stand by and wait for further updates. But the Magister is starting to look better each day, so let’s hope AzurPoly does deliver the promised improvement in overall quality for this new airplane for Microsoft Flight Simulator.