Aerosoft announces a new aircraft for MSFS: the Breezer Sport

Aerosoft is back making airplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the CRJ, the Twin Otter, and the A330 (does anyone still remember about that one?!) the company has announced this week its latest addition to the simulator: the Breezer Sport, a light sports aircraft known for its sleek design and enjoyable flying experience.

The Breezer Sport is a two-seater built with a classic aluminum construction. Its design, a low-wing monoplane with a cruciform tailplane, is tailored for pilots who appreciate both aesthetic appeal and functional design.

Powering the Breezer Sport is a robust Rotax 915 iS/iSC engine. This engine is known for its reliability and performance, delivering power through a gearbox to a Neuform two-blade variable-pitch propeller.

Aerosoft Breezer Sport MSFS 4

Aerosoft promises an authentic interior and cockpit design, meticulously modeled according to original specifications from Breezer Germany. The aircraft will also feature an animated glass canopy with opening and closing mechanics, including handle animation.

Inside, simmers will find a cockpit equipped with an AS3 Touch instrumentation and the original – but simplified – RSFlight EMU for displaying engine data.

Aerosoft Breezer Sport MSFS 5

Aerosoft Breezer Sport MSFS 2

Aerosoft Breezer Sport MSFS 1

The Aerosoft Breezer Sport will include an animated kneeboard with original Breezer checklists, ensuring that sim pilots have access to accurate flight procedures. A tablet is also on offer here, with additional functions such as a Safety Pin, Pitot Cover, and controls for the Canopy and Baggage.

A practical checklist for engine start-up procedures is also implemented, guiding pilots through every necessary step for a smooth ignition, a feature that is always particularly beneficial for novice simmers or those new to the Breezer Sport.

Aerosoft Breezer Sport MSFS 3

Along with this announcement, Aerosoft shared the first selection of preview images of this aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator. These provide a sneak peek into the aircraft’s visuals and the features detailed above.

Aerosoft didn’t provide a release date or pricing for this new product, but we reckon it may not take long. Stay tuned for further updates!