UK2000 releases EGPK Prestwick Airport for MSFS

UK2000 is back with another Scottish airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time, the developer brings us a virtual rendition of Glasgow Prestwick Airport (EGPK), located in Prestwick, South Ayrshire.

Initially a hub for British Transatlantic flights, EGPK’s strategic importance was underscored during World War II as a military airfield and a training base for RAF pilots. Over the decades, Prestwick transitioned from a military hub to a civilian airport, eventually becoming known for its role as a hub for low-cost carriers like Ryanair in the early 2000s. Despite the challenges faced in the later 2010s, including a decline in passenger numbers, the airport remains operational into the 2020s, serving as a transit stop for military aircraft alongside continuing Ryanair flights to holiday destinations.

For Microsoft Flight Simulator, UK2000 says they have meticulously crafted EGPK Prestwick based on the airport’s status in 2023. The scenery is composed of high-definition models with photographic images employing PBR materials, which have been researched and developed to closely resemble the real airport, encompassing both significant structures and minute details.

UK2000 EGPK Prestwick Airport MSFS 1

UK2000 EGPK Prestwick Airport MSFS 10

UK2000 EGPK Prestwick Airport MSFS 4

UK2000 EGPK Prestwick Airport MSFS 3

UK2000 EGPK Prestwick Airport MSFS 8

UK2000 EGPK Prestwick Airport MSFS 9

Leveraging the capabilities of the MSFS engine, UK2000 has introduced sloping runways and improved lighting effects, elements that were not feasible in previous simulation platforms. The package also includes static general aviation aircraft scenery to augment and accentuate the airport environment without interfering with AI traffic.

The features of this virtual airport are extensive, including the aforementioned detailed buildings, realistic ground markings, high-resolution ground images, night effects, and a plethora of airport vehicles. UK2000 ensures that frame rates are optimized to ensure a smooth simulation experience.

UK2000’s EGPK Prestwick scenery for MSFS is available now from the developer’s website, priced at £14.99.