Flightbeam Studios releases surprise KMSP Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport for MSFS

In a surprising turn of events, Flightbeam Studios has released today their newest airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. While all eyes were on the anticipated release of KSFO San Francisco Airport, Flightbeam Studios decided to divert our attention to the skies of the Upper Midwest with the release of Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport (KMSP)!

Designed to offer the “best possible immersion” KMSP promises to be another marvel of craftsmanship and technology from Flightbeam’s Amir Salehi. The developer has leveraged years of experience in AAA titles to bring to life an airport that is as close to the real thing as you can get without leaving your home. The textures, which are the result of an on-site survey conducted in cooperation with airport officials, are hand-crafted and cutting-edge. The level of detail is so meticulous that it captures every nuance of the terminals, giving users an authentic feel of being right there.

Flightbeam KMSP Minneapolis Airport MSFS 7

Flightbeam KMSP Minneapolis Airport MSFS 6

Flightbeam KMSP Minneapolis Airport MSFS 5

Flightbeam KMSP Minneapolis Airport MSFS 4

Flightbeam KMSP Minneapolis Airport MSFS 3

Flightbeam KMSP Minneapolis Airport MSFS 2

Typically from Flightbeam Studios, KMSP is packed with features that will make any aviation enthusiast’s heart soar. It incorporates the latest real-world taxiway layouts as of 2023 and includes the newest construction updates. The textures are extensive, highly detailed, and realistic, boasting a resolution of 4096×4096. Flightbeam’s Gen-5 dynamic jetways come with custom signage, and the ground textures are multi-layered, hand-painted, and enhanced with PBR and custom decals.

But that’s not all. The airport also features passenger models at various gates, new Flightbeam SoundFX captured from the real airport, key interior areas modeled in the terminal, and all-new animated inset and elevated runway guard lights. The tarmac is densely populated with custom objects modeled after actual items found at the airport.

Flightbeam KMSP Minneapolis Airport MSFS 8

Despite the high level of detail, Flightbeam promises that the scenery is designed to perform smoothly across a wide range of systems. This is achieved through advanced optimization techniques and the use of the latest SDK features, along with some of Flightbeam’s own “secret-sauce proprietary techniques.”

Flightbeam Studios is already working on a version 1.1 of this scenery that will introduce even better interiors, animated passengers, improved custom terrain, and hangar updates.

Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport is available right now for MSFS, priced at $19.99.

What about SFO, you ask? Well, Amir told us that it’s still planned for this year, with a slight chance of slipping into early 2024 due to the additional workload KMSP brought in. But stay tuned for further updates about that one in the coming weeks!

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