AIG AI Manager gets easier to use and a new interface with latest update

AIG AI Manager, the widely-used freeware AI traffic solution for simmers aiming to add realistic traffic to virtual skies and airports, has received a significant update. Addressing key user feedback, the tool now boasts a more visually appealing interface and enhanced functionality, aiming for a more user-friendly installation and setup process.

What’s New with AI Manager?

The focus for AI Manager has been enhancing the user experience with a new interface. Following feedback from users, AIG revamped crucial UI components and internal operations.

AIG Manager update MSFS 2
The new modern UI is a huge improvement over the previous version.

Notable updates include:

  • New OCI User Interface: A streamlined design now incorporates “One-Click-Installer Quick buttons” like ‘Model Update,’ ‘Flightplan Update,’ ‘Install Flightplans,’ and ‘Setup OCI.’
  • Quick-Config Page: This page, displayed at startup once OCI is installed, offers a visual overview of the current OCI setup and quick setting adjustments.
  • Enhanced Default Settings: Previously, OCI would attempt a full setup, even requiring manual downloads or logins. Now, it will install content from hassle-free sites, skipping problematic downloads.
  • Worldwide Presets: Users can now easily install major airlines by continent, eliminating the cumbersome process of selecting from an ever-growing list.

Model Updates for MSFS

The latest version of AIG also introduces a full set of model updates for MSFS, with the inclusion of the A32X-Series, B737-Series, and B767-Series as converted models. However, users should note that the current installed paints will be incompatible with these models, necessitating a “repaint fix.”

AIG Manager update MSFS 3

Traffic Controller’s Improvements Incoming

AIG still has a significant update pending that will focus on the Traffic Controller. This will improve stability, expand ground services, and introduce the MAIW Traffic Injector. Here’s a rundown of what’s coming to TC:

  • Stability: Addressing frequent CTDs and random disconnects, the latest internal version of AIGTC claims improved stability and better SimConnect compatibility.
  • Ground Services: With a more reliable SimConnect connection, ground services will be augmented. A new feature sees planes with large parking spaces receiving up to four vehicle slots for idle ground service vehicles.
  • Dynamic Catering/Refueling: Catering and refueling times are will become more variable, dependent on airplane size and the time of day, leading to fewer required service vehicles at airports and thus, better FPS performance.

AIG didn’t reveal when this patch for Traffic Controller will be deployed, but it shouldn’t be too long now that AI Manager got its patch.