Northern Sky Studio releases Alaska’s Sitka Airport for MSFS

Northern Sky Studio is back with another beautiful Alaskan scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time, the developer brings us a detailed rendition of Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport, in Southeast Alaska. This release follows the April launch of Wrangell Airport, further extending the developer’s scenery offerings in the captivating terrains of America’s largest state.

Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport, named after the city’s former mayor, is a key location for the Alaskan aviation landscape. Its custom rendition in MSFS increases the opportunities for simmers to explore the state’s unique aviation challenges and landscapes.

The airport includes a single terminal with a jetway, offering air service throughout the year via Alaska Airlines and seasonally by Delta Connection, operated by SkyWest Airlines. It features a single paved runway located on a causeway extending from Japonski Island.

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With an elevation of approximately 26 feet above mean sea level, the airport sports one asphalt-surfaced runway designated 11/29, measuring 7,200 by 150 feet. The facility boasts hangars and offices serving local air traffic control, the Civil Air Patrol, and various private enterprises. It also plays host to the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Sitka’s complex.

What sets this airport apart are the unique safety hazards it presents. Ocean waves washing onto the runway during high winds, severe storms due to its exposed location, and the significant flocks of birds in close proximity all combine to make the landing at Sitka one of the most thrilling you can find.

In the virtual world of MSFS, Northern Sky Studio has brought the airport to life with an impressive list of features. The developers have crafted a beautifully-detailed replica of airport buildings and vehicles, accompanied by custom surroundings. PBR material, shading and occlusion effects, high-resolution textures, and highly efficient gITF models ensure top-notch quality throughout the scenery while maintaining optimal simulator performance.

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Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport also boasts custom aerial imagery for the airport and the surrounding areas, ensuring a more accurate terrain representation in the simulator when compared to the real world.

Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Alaska Seaplanes are currently operating from the airport, with the Boeing 737-700 by Alaska Airlines being the primary aircraft on this route.

This latest release continues to display Northern Sky Studio’s commitment to bringing the real-world thrill and challenge of flying in Alaska to Microsoft Flight Simulator. It not only offers simmers new routes to navigate but also sets the stage for engaging in the unique challenges posed by Alaska’s distinctive geographical features and weather patterns.

PASI Sitka Airport from Northern Sky Studios is now available from Contrail, priced at around $15.

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