Self-Loading Cargo is a real-time simulation of passengers and cabin crew for MSFS

Tired of flying those big, empty, jetliners in Flight Simulator? Well now you can feel the experience of carrying passengers in your flights, with Self-Loading Cargo (SLC), an addon for Flight Simulator that tries to fill the void of being alone in the cockpit.

SLC’s main goal is to bring your flights to life with real-time feedback from your passengers. You can manage in-flight services, deal with technical and medical problems, medical issues and even troublesome passengers, and get a report on how you did at the end.

slc report

According to the developer, SLC “not only simulates passengers individually, it also simulates the layout of the actual aircraft you’re flying – so every action you take needs to be planned in advance to make sure your passengers are attended to in a timely manner”.

Each passenger has its own personality, and react in different manners according to how you deal with the flight. Some are more nervous, while others are relaxed and not easily disturbed. You will be able to communicate with your crew and talk to the passengers, announcing something that they may need to know, instead of leaving them in the dark and becoming anxious.

If you’ve read our article about OnAir and wonder if you can use both, while we can’t guarantee perfect compatibility, we’ve heard of users using both addons, mixing the experience of managing your airline flights with the feedback of real passengers.

SLC certainly reminds of FSPassengers, a similar addon for FSX and P3D that unfortunately seems to be no longer in development.

Self Loading Cargo is in active development and is available for all major flight simulator (MSFS 2020 included). It’s available right now for USD $15.80 / €14.50 / £12.99. There’s an official Discord server and the developer keeps an updated feature roadmap that you can follow here.

Here are the main features:

  • Reacts To Buttons, Switches & Simulator Parameters*
  • Works With All Major Flight Simulators**
  • Works With All Simulator Aircraft**
  • Provides Real-Time Information About Your Passengers
  • Accurate Cabin Layouts For Different Aircraft
  • Easy To Understand User Interface
  • Fully, Semi-Automatic or Manual Operation
  • Non-Intrusive Interface (double click to hide)
  • Detailed User Manual
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