Perfect Flight recreates the historic first commercial flight of the Douglas DC-3 in MSFS

Perfect Flight, whose collaboration with Microsoft and Asobo on the activities included with the World Updates is well-known in the community, has recently released a new standalone “mission” type of activity that recreates a historic moment of one of the world’s most legendary airplanes: the DC-3 and its first commercial flight.

This new product from Perfect Flight offers simmers the opportunity to relive the first commercial flight by a Douglas DC-3, which took off from Newark Airport in 1938, bound for Glendale, California. This was a pioneering event, as the journey, which used to take a backbreaking 25 hours a year before the introduction of the DC-3, was cut down to just 18 hours and 40 minutes.

Although this mission introduces a few additional stops to prevent user fatigue, Perfect Flight says it doesn’t compromise on the allure and charm of the historic flight. Piloting a DC-3 painted in American Airlines colors, this tour offers a great opportunity to fly in the Aeroplane Heaven DC-3, included for free with the 40th Anniversary Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator, across America’s sprawling landscapes from coast to coast.

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Perfect Flight DC 3 first commercial flight msfs 2

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A degree of experience and confidence with VFR flying is required, as you’ll have to follow some terrain features in order to reach your destination. This is also an educational flight, as Perfect Flight provides detailed historical, geographical, and cultural information relevant to the era of the original flight.

The excursion takes the form of a classic Bush Trip spanning approximately 2,100 nautical miles with ten scheduled stops. FlightBooks, available in six languages (English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese), offer additional insights and are downloadable from the Perfect Flight website after purchase.

Users can fly this tour with flexible weather, date, and time settings that match their preferences. Full access to Checklists and Assistance Options is available, and the multiplayer feature is enabled, facilitating a shared adventure with friends.

Perfect Flight’s Douglas DC-3 First Commercial Flight is available exclusively via the MSFS Marketplace for $11.49.