Colorado Springs Airport is the latest BMWorld/AmSim collaboration for Microsoft Flight Simulator

BMWorld and AmSim continue to collaborate on the development and release of new airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time, the team has released their rendition of KCOS Colorado Springs Airport, a public civil-military airport, situated 6 miles southeast of downtown Colorado Springs in El Paso County, Colorado.

Colorado Springs Airport, often referred to as the City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, has firmly established itself as the second busiest commercial airport in the state, following Denver International Airport. Boasting a strategic location and serving as a vital transportation hub for the region, this airport offers a unique blend of civil and military operations. Notably, Peterson Space Force Base, located on the north side of runway 13/31, adds an additional layer of complexity and realism to the airport.

KCOS Colorado Springs Airport MSFS 7

KCOS Colorado Springs Airport MSFS 5

KCOS Colorado Springs Airport MSFS 4

KCOS Colorado Springs Airport MSFS 3

KCOS Colorado Springs Airport MSFS 2

KCOS Colorado Springs Airport MSFS 1

BMWorld and AmSim have left no stone unturned in recreating the essence of Colorado Springs Airport within MSFS. Simmers can look forward to a range of meticulously crafted features that bring this airport to life. These include:

  • Correct airport slope
  • Animated Jetway
  • Custom ground markings
  • High-resolution custom ground textures, dirt and other details
  • Surrounding buildings fully modeled
  • Detailed terminal interior
  • Airlines codes assigned to each parking
  • Compatibility with FSLTL traffic

With its combination of civil and military operations, simmers can explore the intricacies of a commercial airport while also navigating the complexities of a nearby military base.

KCOS Colorado Springs Airport for MSFS is out now via Orbx Direct, priced at around $16.00.