Orbx’s latest airport challenges you to transport seafood to Australia’s mainland

Orbx and developer Ken Hall have released a new charming small airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator users to explore. YSTH St Helens Airport, in Tasmania, Australia, is another return to the roots from the studio, with a delightful and meticulously designed scenery that comes brimming with the unassuming characteristics of the real-world location.

Set on the northeast coast of Tasmania, St Helens airstrip is a cosy landing spot that has been captured in the simulator with an impressive degree of accuracy. The airport’s single unsealed runway, surrounded by photorealistic textures and custom vegetation, should provide a unique challenge and a change of pace for simmers accustomed to the predictability of larger, paved runways.

A particularly fascinating aspect of this airport is its real-world function in the transport of fresh seafood to the Australian mainland. This is something simmers can replicate in MSFS with an appropriate aircraft and this authentic rendition of the airfield.

Orbx YSTH St Helens Tasmania MSFS 8

Orbx YSTH St Helens Tasmania MSFS 7

Orbx YSTH St Helens Tasmania MSFS 6

Orbx YSTH St Helens Tasmania MSFS 5

Orbx YSTH St Helens Tasmania MSFS 4

Orbx YSTH St Helens Tasmania MSFS 3

Orbx YSTH St Helens Tasmania MSFS 2

This new release offers more than just an opportunity for a different landing or take-off location; it opens a gateway to the breathtaking beauty of Tasmania’s landscape. From the scenic Bay of Fires to the north to the majestic alpine region of Ben Lomond, the YSTH St Helens Airport is the perfect starting point for numerous awe-inspiring virtual flights in this region that was the target of World Update 7 in MSFS.

Orbx says that Ken Hall faithfully captured the charm of this airport, “weeds and all”. The weeds may be an unusual selling point for a digital airport, but they are indicative of the meticulous detail that went into creating this location.

YSTH St Helens Airport is now available from Orbx, priced at just $8.00 AUD.