Got Friends announces Astro ONE, a personal racing drone for MSFS inspired by Jetson ONE

Got Friends, the innovative group of developers known for their thrilling add-ons for MSFS like the Wilga or the freeware Lake Skipper, has unveiled their latest payware project for the simulator: the Astro ONE! This personal racing drone takes inspiration from the prototype Jetson ONE and looks to offer a similarly exhilarating flying experience in the virtual world of MSFS.

Astro ONE was unveiled today and boasts a custom physics engine, flight model, and electrical system built beyond Asobo’s limitations, all achieved through coding without requiring WASMs or external applications. Key features of this innovative new aircraft include:

  • Terrain Tracking and Fly-By-Wire Flying: This ground detection safety mode enables a near hands-free experience as you fly through canyons, follow paths, and skim over lakes. The LIDAR’s Safety Altitude can be adjusted on-the-fly.
  • Sports Mode and Dynamic Boosting: Turn off safety features and maximize power for an adrenaline-filled, high-speed experience.
Got Friends Astro ONE MSFS 9

Got Friends Astro ONE MSFS 8

Got Friends Astro ONE MSFS 7

Got Friends Astro ONE MSFS 6

Got Friends Astro ONE MSFS 5

Got Friends Astro ONE MSFS 3

Got Friends Astro ONE MSFS 2

Got Friends Astro ONE MSFS 1

  • Hover Mode: Automatically stop momentum, center the aircraft, and prepare for landing with this hands-off automated system.
  • Additional Features: Propeller guard extension kits, swappable plexiglass shells, emissive liveries, removable mirrors, rotor-tip lights, foldable arms, and rechargeable batteries – all with persistence.

In collaboration with Emerald Scenery Design, who worked on the EGH2 Forwood Farm scenery that came bundled with the Wilga package, Got Friends is also introducing Astro Corsa, a breathtaking racing experience set in Moab, Utah. This high-speed race promises to push the limits of what you thought was possible in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Watch the preview video below to see this exciting new addition to the simulator in action!

Currently in beta, Astro ONE is planned for release on both PC and Xbox platforms. Got Friends will continue to provide updates and announce more details as they become available.