The F-117 Stealth Fighter is coming to the MSFS Marketplace within weeks!

Aerial Simulations currently has one of the most interesting military aircraft projects for MSFS in its hands: the legendary F-117 Nighthawk, a project that we’ve featured before and that is now approaching completion!

Aerial Simulations has been regularly sharing new details about the ongoing work with the F-117, with new preview images of the aircraft, advancements in key areas, and other details about the aircraft itself and the features it will offer in MSFS.

These last few days, the developer revealed that work has been finished on the last features of the aircraft and that he would now be fixing some things and writing a user guide to accompany the product and introduce users to some of the quirks in the F-117.

With the bulk of the development work now complete, Aerial Simulations has now submitted the aircraft to Microsoft for a release in the Marketplace, which is the ultimate sign that a release may be imminent! The developer now expects a waiting time of around 5 weeks for the aircraft to finally be available for purchase.

A release for the Xbox is likely, according to Aerial Simulations, since the code is totally native. Still, this will have to be confirmed by Microsoft as testing proceeds ahead of the release.

Aerial Simulations F 117 Stealth MSFS marketplace 7

Aerial Simulations F 117 Stealth MSFS marketplace 6

Aerial Simulations F 117 Stealth MSFS marketplace 5

Aerial Simulations F 117 Stealth MSFS marketplace 4

Aerial Simulations F 117 Stealth MSFS marketplace 1

Aerial Simulations F 117 Stealth MSFS marketplace 8

Aerial Simulations will now be working on a few extra features that will only be possible for product versions on sale outside the Marketplace, such as weapon models. As we know, Microsoft doesn’t allow visible weapons in the Marketplace, even if the F-117 features a functional weapon bay… it will just be empty. Thankfully, the Radar Cross Section monitoring system should help you stay invisible to all the enemies out there looking for you in MSFS!

Other interesting features simmers will be able to experience with the Aerial Simulations F-117 is a deployable parachute system, plenty of animations throughout the model, icing simulation, and more. See below a list of features you should expect to see in this aircraft!

  • High Resolution PBR textures and material inside and out
  • Detailed animations both inside and out including:
    • Blow-in doors
    • Aerial refuelling door
    • Canopy
    • Glare shields
    • Bomb bay doors, trapeze and payload
    • APU doors
    • Tailhook
    • Parachute
    • Antenna
    • Chocks and ladder
  • Radar Cross Section monitoring (RCS) system
  • Fully adjustable cockpit lighting
  • Custom flight model based on F-117A flight manual charts. High approach speeds, high AOA departures, and normal flight envelope all simulated
  • Accurate fuel system
  • Simulated effect of antenna positions on communication equipment
  • Custom Mach Hold simulation
  • Custom Drag Chute simulation
  • Fully implemented icing system
  • Hidedable RCS enhancers and beacon lights
  • Easy to use paint system, only single file needed to make most F-117A paint schemes, with 9 already included (PC Only)

For now, we have no details about pricing, but it’s expected to be relatively affordable. In any case, we’ll let you know more once the release date approaches or if, for some reason, the release plans end up changing over the next few weeks.