Watch this first-look preview video of the FlyingIron Simulations F6F Hellcat for MSFS

FlyingIron Simulations is about to release its newest aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the brilliant Spitfire and the P-38L, it will now be the turn of the F6F Hellcat to get a detailed rendition from the talented team, who are looking to expand their range of high-quality warbirds in MSFS.

The F6F Hellcat was announced at the start of this year, and since then we’ve not had the chance to see too many previews or teasers for the aircraft. FlyingIron has been quietly working on the airplane over these months (while still providing excellent support to existing products), clearly not resting on their laurels from the previous releases.

This is proven by the latest bits of information that we’ve managed to gather concerning this project, which consist of an early preview video from our friend TwoToneMurphy, and a hint for a potential release date… for now, check Murph’s first look below to get a good view of the Hellcat:

Beautiful, isn’t it? It’s just a small teaser that mostly shows a few interior and exterior visuals, but it’s looking like another beautiful warbird for MSFS. That much is a given considering FlyingIron’s recent history, but we are also expecting a supremely authentic aircraft on other fronts!

FlyingIron has stated that they are working on a detailed simulation of all the systems in the Hellcat, including the electrical and pneumatic systems, the massive R-2800 Double Wasp Engine and its cooling systems, and the unique carrier capabilities of the Hellcat: folding wings, catapult launches, and more!

flyingiron simulations f6f hellcat msfs 1

flyingiron simulations f6f hellcat msfs 2

flyingiron simulations f6f hellcat msfs 3

flyingiron simulations f6f hellcat msfs 4

This all looks pretty awesome, but when should we expect to finally get our hands on this beast? Well, FlyingIron Simulations is currently aiming at a release in just a few days, on September 9! The Hellcat will first become available through the developer’s own website, coming later to the MSFS Marketplace.

As you can see, it won’t take long for the F6F Hellcat to fly again, this time in the stunning virtual world of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and from a team that has proven to be one of the best in bringing iconic warbirds to the simulator. We have high hopes for the Hellcat! With its unique capabilities, this should be a fun aircraft to fly and practice carrier operations!