Fly 2 High releases Rhode Island’s largest airport for MSFS

Developer Fly 2 High has released a new airport in the United States for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Rhode Island T. F. Green International Airport (KPVD), in the state of Rhode Island, is a public-owned international airport that has seen dwindling traffic since the early 2000s, but continues to serve the nearby community with scheduled passenger and cargo flights to other US cities.

KPVD has a history that goes back nearly 90 years, when it began operating in this location with three concrete runways. When WWII came, the military arrived to take control of the airport for flight training, before returning it to civilian service after the war ended.

Nowadays, KPVD is a regional airport that connects the state of Rhode Island to the rest of the country. It’s the largest airport in the state and an important infrastructure both in terms of passenger and cargo movements.

rhode island t f green intl airport msfs 2

rhode island t f green intl airport msfs 8

rhode island t f green intl airport msfs 7

rhode island t f green intl airport msfs 6

rhode island t f green intl airport msfs 5

rhode island t f green intl airport msfs 4

rhode island t f green intl airport msfs 3

Fly 2 High saw here an opportunity to offer MSFS simmers a detailed rendition of a new airport, which they seem to have successfully done from an aesthetical point of view. The official product images look rather impressive, with realistic buildings and textures, custom jetways, simplified interior modeling, and an overall authentic look to the whole environment.

There are a few oddities to keep in mind, however. Users have reported problems with ILS, and the promotional materials show a passenger variant of the A320 parked at the gate… with a FedEx livery. The latter may be just a minor mistake during the creation of the promos, but not being able to shoot an ILS landing may prove to be hard to swallow until the developer fixes the issue.

In any case, Fly 2 High’s rendition of Rhode Island T. F. Green Airport looks very good and may very well be worth the look if you’re familiar with the airport or enjoy flying in the region. It’s available now for $16.80.


  • Highly detailed models with high resolution textures
  • Custom jetways
  • Up to date runway, taxiway, apron and stands layout
  • Custom and accurate taxiway signage
  • Accurate terrain elevation and runway profiles
  • Realistic night time dynamic lighting
  • Terminal interior for national and international terminal
  • Animation Human