RDPresets releases impressive rendition of Italy’s Naples Airport for MSFS

Looking to further enhance your explorations of Italy following the release of World Update 9? RDPresets has a brand new and quite good-looking airport waiting for you, located in one of the cities that received a massive update in Microsoft Flight Simulator with new aerial imagery and photogrammetry: the beautiful Naples and its International Airport.

Naples Airport (LIRN) is quite popular in Italy since it serves one of the most important metropolitan areas in the country. With more than 11 million passengers passing through its gates each year, there’s quite a lot of activity here with big operators such as Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizzair, British Airways, KLM, and more. Simmers will therefore find plenty of realistic flight schedules to Europe to fly aboard the 737 or A320, the most common airplanes seen in this airport.

RDPresets promises a thoughtfully detailed scenery for LIRN, and the official product images and trailer video appear to warrant just that. This custom rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator offers simmers a highly authentic virtual scenery, with extensive custom work in the modeling and texturing of all the buildings, structures, signs, and more.

This new version of LIRN is naturally compatible with the Italy World Update, so we’re bound to experience a fantastic experience when landing or departing from the airport. The scenery in Naples is stunning in MSFS, with impressive natural features nearby, such as the infamous Mount Vesuvius, which serves as a backdrop for the beautiful approach into LIRN and reminds us that one day the whole city may be gone forever…

But let’s not fall into ominous thoughts and let’s appreciate the beauty and the details of yet another excellent custom airport for MSFS! RDPresets’ rendition of Naples Airport is now available for simmers to enjoy, priced at €19.99 from Contrail.

LIRN Naples Airport MSFS 8

LIRN Naples Airport MSFS 7

LIRN Naples Airport MSFS 6

LIRN Naples Airport MSFS 5

LIRN Naples Airport MSFS 3

LIRN Naples Airport MSFS 2

LIRN Naples Airport MSFS 1

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