Orbx releases Phuket International Airport for MSFS

The summer holiday season is kicking in across the northern hemisphere, which is opening new opportunities for fresh destinations to be reached, either as a tourist looking to discover a new part of the world, or as a virtual pilot finding excuses to fly to new places!

Orbx believes that this is the time to visit some new airports too, and they are now offering a brand new detailed scenery of a popular tourist destination in Thailand: Phuket International Airport (VTSP), the main getaway into the famous Phuket province.

VTSP is the second busiest airport in Thailand, drawing millions of tourists every year that come to experience the paradisiacal beaches and lush landscapes of this region in southeast Asia.

Phuket Airport has a single runway and three terminals, dedicated to international, domestic, and private jet traffic, used by nearly 50 airlines. These include many Asian operators but also big international airlines that offer direct flights to the Western World.

Phuket Airport MSFS 4

Phuket Airport MSFS 3

Phuket Airport MSFS 2

Phuket Airport MSFS 9

Phuket Airport MSFS 8

Phuket Airport MSFS 7

Phuket Airport MSFS 6

Phuket Airport MSFS 5

Orbx has now launched its vision for a high-quality rendition of this airport, featuring the new Siam Land Private Jet terminal, custom ground services equipment, realistic 3D models, and high-resolution textures. It’s surely a massive improvement over the default scenery and it’s great to see a big studio such as Orbx dedicating some time to Asia!

Phuket International Airport (VTSP) is now available through Orbx Direct, priced at just around $20.

Main Features:

  • Detailed depiction of VTSP Phuket International Airport
  • Custom groundploy
  • Newly developed Siam Land Private jet Terminal
  • Bespoke GSE
  • Simplified terminal interior
  • Ortho