Here’s a very easy way to play airline announcements in MSFS

Airliner pilots in Microsoft Flight Simulator are always looking for new ways to elevate the levels of realism and immersion in the simulator. Either with high-fidelity airplanes, realistic airports, or tools that simulate airline operations, there’s always something that can be used to add just that little new feature that makes the whole thing feel more authentic.

As passengers of real-world flights, many of us are used to hearing the famous airline announcements at the beginning of each flight. These are moments where passengers learn about the security features of the aircraft, how to proceed in case of an emergency, and so on. They are a familiar sound in that initial moment when the crew sets up the aircraft, powers the engines, pushes back from the gate, and taxis to the runway.

Simmers who wish to replicate this environment in MSFS have a few tools that make this possible (i.e., LukeAirTool), but if you’re looking for something really easy to use, with no bells and whistles, look no further than to AirlineAnnouncementsV1, a new add-on for MSFS that was recently released for free!

airline announcements msfs free 2

AirlineAnnouncementsV1 was created by developer PilotAlex and provides a very straightforward and easy-to-use feature set. In essence, it’s a simple app where simmers can select an airline and play the recorded announcement sounds. That’s it!

It couldn’t get easier than this. The app currently supports over 50 different announcements, with more to come in future updates. All the largest airlines appear to be there, and the developer even accepts user requests if you’d like to suggest new additions. In fact, users can now add their own custom announcements!

For now, AirlineAnnouncementsV1 needs to be manually started, but the developer is looking to add automated startups, airline detection, and other similar features.

AirlineAnnouncementsV1 is indeed a very cool new addition to your arsenal of tools for MSFS, particularly if you’re flying the big jets with a notable airline. AirlineAnnouncementsV1 is available for free and has been very actively supported and updated. Worth a look!