(Launching October 12th!) The amphibious Kodiak 100 is coming after SU10

Update, October 7th – SimWorks Studios has finally revealed the release date for the amphibian Kodiak. Set your alarms for next Wednesday, October 12th! The floating variant of the brilliant and very popular Kodiak 100 will be sold at SWS for just 14.99€, while existing customers who own the wheeled variant will be able to get it for 9,99€. Watch the official trailer below which just launched today!

SimWorks Studios is preparing another important update to its popular Kodiak 100 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After getting an improved engine simulation last month, which included overstress failures and hot starts, the Kodiak will soon receive an updated flight model and the much-awaited amphibious variant!

In a short development update posted on SimWorks Studios’ social media, the team revealed that a big flight model update has been implemented into the Kodiak, improving the aircraft’s response following some complaints about excessive sensitivity. The lower power output reported by simmers following Sim Update 8 is also getting fixed with this updated flight model.

Another major new addition to the Kodiak 100 package is the long-awaited amphibious version. We first heard about the floaty Kodiak before the standard version was even released, so it’s long overdue.

Thankfully, the work on this variant is finally nearing completion, with modeling and flight dynamics done. Following some additional fine-tuning here and there, SimWorks Studios will soon share the package with Daher, the manufacturer, for final checks.

Kodiak 100 amphibious MSFS 1
It floats!

The great news is that both the update to the wheeled Kodiak 100 and the release of the amphibious variant are scheduled to take place soon after Sim Update 10 launches next month. The Kodiak makes use of the awesome G1000NXi from Working Title, which is getting some new features in SU10, so the team is looking to have that available for the latest version of the Kodiak.

It’s a short but sweet update from SimWorks Studios, who also took the opportunity to share with us a couple of brand new and quite beautiful images of the amphibious variant. The Kodiak remains one of the best airplanes currently available for MSFS, a highly versatile and capable machine that simmers can take nearly everywhere. With the incoming version with floats, the range of possibilities for a landing will be expanded even further, turning this into the ultimate exploration aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator!