Get 40% off FS Academy’s training packages and missions for MSFS

Ever since Microsoft Flight Simulator launched for PC in August 2020, FS Academy has been releasing a few compelling mission packages that give simmers the opportunity to learn about several aspects of flight.

Jetliner, the latest to be released, introduces simmers to airline operations and passenger jet aircraft, teaching out to handle the big jets in MSFS. VFR is another package that guides you through the necessary steps to fly under Visual Flight Rules, while IFR does the same, but with a series of instrument flight training rules. There’s also Voyager, which adds 7 new Bush Trips across some of the world’s most stunning locations.

If any of these packages sound compelling and you didn’t have the chance to try them already, then these next few days may be a great opportunity to start learning in MSFS. Every FS Academy package is now available in the MSFS Marketplace at roughly 40% off ($13.99 for the first three, $6.99 for Voyager).

All these packages have been created by a real A320 captain, so expect realism and accuracy throughout the entire product line. In fact, FS Academy has done so well that Asobo and Microsoft selected this developer to work on the 14 brand new tutorial missions that were included with Sim Update 7, released just a few weeks ago.

FS Academy MSFS 6

FS Academy MSFS 5

FS Academy MSFS 4

FS Academy MSFS 2

FS Academy MSFS 1

Recently, IFR was updated to include on-screen objectives, along with a full overhaul of the entire package. VFR, Jetliner, and Voyager have all also received recent updates for minor fixes, dialog improvements, menu UI improvements and more.

FS Academy told us that there are more great new products coming down the line for 2022. The developer plans to introduce a new full FS Academy tutorial pack, which is expected to release earlier in the new year. Furthermore, a new collaboration is in place with another studio and a charity, looking to provide a small pack of new missions for MSFS. This should be announced soon with more details.