Explore the Andes Mountains with Perfect Flight’s latest scenic tour for MSFS

Two months after its previous release (Caribbean Private Journey), Perfect Flight is back with another adventure for MSFS, designed to introduce simmers to a new section of the world. The developer keeps a predictable schedule of about one new product every two months, and has now released a new tour along the Andes Mountains, in South America.

The Andes is one of the longest mountain ranges in the world, stretching across the entire western side of South America, from Colombia to Argentina. At 7.000 km long (about 4.400 miles), the Andes offer an incredibly vast variety of landscapes, from snowy peaks to glaciers, volcanoes, lakes and desert areas. Throughout history, ancient civilizations have set their foot in these mountains, leaving behind rich historical sites.

In this new scenic tour from Perfect Flight, you will start from Colombia and head south along 41 legs that will take you to over 250 points of interest along the way. As usual, Perfect Flight includes a detailed Navlog with photos and descriptions of each POI, especially about the most important historic and geographical sites such as Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca.

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Perfect Flight designed this tour to be flown with the Cessna Grand Caravan, and included a new Andes Airlines livery to go along with it. The flight plan can easily be followed from the PFD, but there are also voice instructions to guide you along the way. Additionally, you can customize the experience to your liking – fly in any weather, season, or time of day, and refuel whenever you feel appropriate.

Overall, it’s another great package from Perfect Flight, ideal for those looking to discover more about our world and enjoy the beautiful virtual replica enabled by the technology within Microsoft Flight Simulator. Remember, Perfect Flight’s developer has actually been working closely with the MSFS team lately, creating the bush flights that have been included in recent World Updates.

Perfect Flight – The Andes MSFS is now available for just around 10€.