Perfect Flight releases Caribbean Private Journey for MSFS

Perfect Flight continues to provide us with good excuses to explore the world of Flight Simulator. Its guided flights across the planet, which have taken us to discover places such as Germany, the United States, Japan, Nepal, and more, have even garnered the attention of the Flight Simulator team, with Perfect Flight now helping to create the bush missions that are included in the MSFS World Updates.

Today, Perfect Flight released a new iteration of this series of flights, this time dedicated to the Caribbean. This new discovery flight – Caribbean Private Journey – is a particularly long one, at more than 2.700NM, and it will take you to see and learn about more than 150 points of interest all around the Caribbean.

This tour covers all the countries bathed by the Caribbean Sea, the Antilles Islands and the coastlines of some additional countries of Central and South America. The aircraft of choice for this tour is the XCub, so don’t expect to race across this journey. The goal is to take it slow and enjoy the views over a vast number of POIs in this paradisiacal region of the world.

As usual, Perfect Flight gives you some flexibility when it comes to the conditions of flight. Time of day and weather can be changed as you see fit, and stops for fuel are allowed as necessary.

Caribbean bush trip msfs 4

Caribbean bush trip msfs 1

Caribbean bush trip msfs 3

Each of the 26 legs can be easily followed from the PFD, but there are also voice instructions that make use of Microsoft’s text-to-speech technology. Furthermore, each POI has a matching description and photo available on the Logbook, so you can learn more about each of them as you travel along the flightplan.

If you’ve never visited the Caribbean, this new add-on from Perfect Flight may be the perfect way to do that and get to know this beautiful region from above. The numerous islands, white-sand beaches and coral reefs should make for hours of great sightseeing. Just beware of the Bermuda Triangle!

Perfect Flight’s Caribbean Private Journey is now available for MSFS.


  • Caribbean Tour – Product includes a complete and exhaustive Caribbean Tour with over 150 points of interest. Each POI has photo and description available in the Navlog. Particular attention was paid to historical-geographical informations. Thus the journey becomes a real tour guide.
  • Cub Crafter XCub livery – Product also includes new livery for default Cub Crafter XCub in Caribbean Airlines colors;
  • Easy to fly – You can easily follow the flight plan from the PFD but you will receive also routing instruction as well. So enjoy beautiful views and incredible landscapes. Hours and hours of pure fun, indulging your passion for flying at the same time.
  • TTS technology. Missions take advantage of the Microsoft TTS technology and you will receive instructions and information about the flight by voice.
  • Custom Settings – You can fly the missions with preset settings or change weather, season, date and time. You can refuel the plane in any time. Multiplayer feature is enabled, so you can fly online with your friends.