FeelThere releases the future La Guardia International Airport for MSFS

Well, here’s something unusual. FeelThere has released La Guardia International Airport (KLGA) for MSFS. This would be a standard new airport announcement for Microsoft Flight Simulator, but it is not. The developers decided to get ahead of the real-world timeline and released La Guardia in its expected 2023 layout – after the current ongoing reconstruction is finished. Welcome to the future!

La Guardia is one of the three major airports serving New York, but it’s an amalgam brought together by several decades of expansions and modifications. Because of its convoluted predicament, a project to completely rebuilt La Guardia’s main terminal was put into motion, and it’s expected to be completed in 2023. That’s the airport you’re getting now from FeelThere – not the current “old” layout.

FeelThere already has an American airport available for MSFS pilots, KRDU Raleigh Durham International Airport, released this summer, but they also have plans to release KLAX in the near future. Until then, they turned to New York City for this recreation of the future La Guardia Airport.

la guardia airport msfs 8

la guardia airport msfs 7

la guardia airport msfs 6

la guardia airport msfs 4

la guardia airport msfs 3

la guardia airport msfs 2

la guardia airport msfs 1

FeelThere didn’t share many additional details about its new product. They claim it included highly detailed models and textures, but the official product images don’t look exactly next-gen. The overall shape of the terminal is there, but some textures definitely look like they could use some additional resolution.

In any case, FeelThere’s La Guardia Airport costs just $14.99, an unusually low price for such a big airport. And it’s coming straight from the future, so it may be worth a look if you’re curious to see what it’s all about.