Visit the Polynesian islands in MSFS with Perfect Flight’s latest missions pack

With the winter season in full swing across most of the northern Hemisphere, now is the time to dream about warmer destinations and imagine ourselves on a beach, bathing in the sun with an inviting sea just a few feet away. While traveling to those locations at this time of the year is only within reach of some, in MSFS the story is very different. The world awaits and is easily accessible from the comfort of our homes!

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a product from Perfect Flight, a developer dedicated to creating activities for MSFS across the whole world. From Greece to the Andes, the Caribbean, and much more, Perfect Flight has greatly expanded the selection of Discovery Flights, Landing Challenges, and other types of touring flights in MSFS, from releases under its own name and also in close collaboration with Asobo and Microsoft in the activities of each World Update.

The latest release from Perfect Flight invites simmers to explore Polynesia, the region in the South Pacific formed by the triangle between New Zealand, Easter Island, and Hawaii. With endless beaches of white sand, countless lagoons and coral reefs, waterfalls, and much more, Polynesia is a top-rated tourist destination and is now filled with things to do in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

POlynesia Missions MSFS 8

POlynesia Missions MSFS 7

POlynesia Missions MSFS 5

POlynesia Missions MSFS 4

POlynesia Missions MSFS 3

POlynesia Missions MSFS 2

POlynesia Missions MSFS 1

Perfect Flight added a series of MSFS activities in Polynesia that include 3 Excursions, 2 Charter flights, 1 Discovery Flight and 6 Landing Challenges. These should allow simmers to discover the beauty and challenges hidden in these islands and, as always, everything is perfectly integrated into the MSFS Activities feature.

Perfect Flight’s FS Explorer – Polynesia is available now for Microsoft Flight Simulator, priced at around €17. See below a detailed list of all the included activities!


  • Dives Paradise (Rangiroa)
  • Taithi Tour
  • Robinson Crusoe Legacy (Tikehau)


  • Papeete to Bora Bora
  • Bora Bora to Papeete


  • Fly over Bora Bora enriched by dozens of Landmarks

Raise the level of your basic Landing Challenges with this new 6 exciting missions:

  • Nuku Hiva
  • Tetiaroa
  • Huahine
  • Moorea Island
  • Raiatea
  • Vahitahi