Own a Logitech Flight Instrument Panel? Check this G1000 Emulator, from Simgeneering

As anyone who has used them knows, Logitech Flight Instrument Panels are an essential component of any flight simulator setup. The integrated buttons and dials that allow easy interaction with simulated instruments, and the display of instruments separate from your PC’s monitor, give a big advantage over the default instruments integrated in the flight simulator software running on your PC.

There is a large range of simulated instruments available for the Flight Instrument Panel, with one important exception: a GPS. That is, until now. Simgeneering has produced a simulated Garmin G1000 for the Flight Instrument Panel to combine the functionality of a G1000 with the convenience of the Flight Instrument Panel. Currently, a G1000 MFD module is available, with an engine display module and PFD module on the way. 

This G1000 Emulator provides the convenience and ease of use of an external controller, without the expense of custom G1000 simulator hardware. It’s capable of displaying a variety of functions from the G1000 MFD, which now include:

  • Navigation map page with zoom, measure distance/bearing, cursor pan, cursor select navigation feature, fuel range ring, navigation ring, track vector, and wind vector
  • Traffic display on navigation map page and traffic map page
  • Terrain data display on navigation map page and terrain map page
  • Waypoint information pages (Airport, Intersection, NDB, VOR, User Waypoint)
  • Functions to create and store user waypoints
  • Flight plan pages: create, edit, and store flight plans, load and follow flight plans using the flight simulator’s autopilot, vertical navigation, parallel track, invert flight plan, direct-to navigation
  • Procedure pages: view departure, arrival and approach procedures and load in flight plan
  • Nearest pages (Airports, Intersections, NDBs, VORs, User Waypoints, Frequencies, Airspaces)

More functions will be included in future updates.

Simgeneering also includes navigation data for the contiguous United States and Europe (navaids, airports, waypoints, frequencies, airways, instrument procedures), while the rest of the world has access to topographic maps.

Simgeneering’s G1000 Emulator is now available for MSFS, and obviously requires one or more connected Logitech Flight Instrument Panels. It’s currently priced at $39.95.

Update September 13th – Updated with the addition of nav data for Europe and new pricing (was $19.99).