Check out this impressive collection of 27 freeware Belgium Airports for MSFS

The Benelux region, which encompasses Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg, was recently the focus of a Flight Simulator World Update that brought significant improvements to the overall scenery in these countries, with new custom-built landmarks and a few airports. Unfortunately, none of these airports are located in Belgium, but there’s an independent developer that is doing an impressive job in recreating dozens of Belgium’s airports and airfields! And all of them are available for free!

Belgium is a small country, with just 2 large airports, both located in Brussels. The largest one, EBBR, has already been launched by JustSim, and is also under development by Aerosoft, a project that we’ve recently previewed and that is looking hugely impressive!

If you’re looking to fly further than to the capital’s main airport, then look no further than Jan Cuypers’ extensive collection of freeware airports, which at the time of this writing is already at 27, and counting! These include many of the smaller airfields in the country, from the small international airports of Antwerp (EBAW) and Flanders (EBKT) to a wide variety of smaller GA airfields.

belgium airports msfs 3

belgium airports msfs 2

Jan is a dedicated creator and puts a lot of effort into his airports. While he does count on the help of other creators who worked on these airports in the past, he also goes to each real-world location and takes pictures of the buildings, asking for permission from each of the represented entities, in order to design realistic textures and create a truly bespoke scenery. So, you will hardly see any standard MSFS buildings here.

We talked with Jan to learn about his plans for the future. He confessed the ultimate goal was to create every airport in Belgium, but unfortunately he is unable to get the necessary permissions to photograph the buildings and infrastructure in some locations. And if he can’t get to a level of realism that he’s happy with, he won’t do them.

Still, the result of all this work is a very impressive coverage of custom-made Belgium’s airfields, which should be perfect for those looking to explore the country, visiting the points of interest that were included with the France and Benelux World Update. It’s another testament to the amazing work that developers have been putting into the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, with an ever-growing amount of content that continues to enhance countless places around the world!

You can check out all of Jan Cuypers work with these airports at