Brussels Airport preview for MSFS – a photorealistic project from Aerosoft

Brussels International Airport is Belgium’s largest airport and a busy gateway to the country. Located in the heart of Europe, it’s connected the whole continent with flights from all major airlines. More importantly to us flight simmers, it’s being created to MSFS in excruciating detail, by the hand of developer Jo Erlend, from Aerosoft.

Brussels Airport (EBBR) is an ongoing project from Aerosoft, who has been sharing some preview images over the months without much fanfare. The truth is these images look absolutely remarkable, showing a hugely detailed scenery that looks almost real!

This is looking to be a watershed moment for Flight Simulator, such is the level of realism we see here. The Terminal interior, for instance, is being modeled with so much attention that it makes other airports’ exterior look bad! These interiors are also animated. You can see people moving around in them, going about their business trying to find the right gate.

EBBR MSFS animations

On the exterior, great features await you, such as the VDGS, a guidance system that helps pilots park their aircraft. Obviously, with the transparent glass windows on the terminal and the detailed interior with animations, we are looking at a very immersive feeling when arriving or departing from the gate.

The images speak for themselves, and you can see more on Aerosoft’s forum post about this project. While this is an add-on that has been in the works for quite some time, it seems we are finally getting to a final stage of development. More details about a release date should be revealed soon, so stay tuned for further updates!

EBBR Brussels Airport MSFS 10

EBBR Brussels Airport MSFS 9

EBBR Brussels Airport MSFS 8

EBBR Brussels Airport MSFS 7

EBBR Brussels Airport MSFS 6

EBBR Brussels Airport MSFS 5

EBBR Brussels Airport MSFS 4

EBBR Brussels Airport MSFS 3

EBBR Brussels Airport MSFS 1