Go fly over Los Angeles with this striking downtown scenery mod

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis, known all over the world for its palm trees and the Hollywood entertainment industry. It’s also an awesome area to fly over in Flight Simulator, thanks to its seemingly never-ending urban landscape, where many iconic landmarks can be found.

LA is rendered in MSFS in full photogrammetry, but the data is rather old (circa 2014), and therefore not up-to-date. Some buildings are missing or not very well recreated, which you can notice if you’re familiar with the area. However, there’s a great freeware mod by senecadriver, which we’re introducing to you today, that greatly improves downtown LA, turning it into an even better place to fly over.

Some of the new buildings include the Wilshire Grand Center, 801 S Grand, Apex the One, and others. Mount Lee and its famous Hollywood sign are also recreated here with proper lighting, and they are a sight to behold on a low and slow sightseeing flight.

Performance is great, and in our experience there’s no impact with this mod, compared with the default scenery. But overall, the most important thing is that LA becomes pure eye candy. Check our screenshots to see what to expect!

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