Whiskey Jet Simulations shares progress on Airbus A220 development for Flight Simulator

Whiskey Jet Simulations have been showing their A220 for MSFS since the beginning of December, and it seems the development is coming along nicely, with consistent improvements concerning the airplane graphics and animations.

After initially previewing the texture details on the external fuselage, with some wing flex included, the developers have now showed engine and wing animations, where we can see not only the engines spooling but also flaps and spoilers extending and retracting.

A220 MSFS hangar

On the last update that was shared today, Whiskey Jet Simulations previewed the aircraft external lighting, showing it off at night on the air and in the runway.

The A220 has been in development for FSX and P3D for quite some time now, and there’s no information about a release date for those platforms, so keep your hopes low for this new version for MSFS. However, we’ll continue to follow this aircraft’s development and update you whenever there’s something noteworthy to share.

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