PA-28R Arrow III from Just Flight – First Look Preview video

Just Flight has been working hard to bring their PA-28R Arrow to the new Flight Simulator, as we’ve shared with you before. In the latest development update, Just Flight shared a video showcasing the aircraft, where we can have a good look into the external and interior model and hear the sounds as well. It’s surely looking very impressive.

The PA-28R was very well received when it launched on X-Plane, FSX and P3D, so there’s every reason to believe it will be a great experience on MSFS as well. Just Flight says that development is progressing at a good pace, with modelling and textures brought up to the best visual quality that is possible in the simulator. Aircraft systems are also coming together and are now about 70% complete.

There’s not yet a release date, but it shouldn’t take too long now. You can follow the development of this plane on Just Flight’s official page. Stay tuned for further updates!