This astonishing (and free) London scenery for MSFS will blow your mind

London is one of the world’s most recognizable cities, and when Flight Simulator came out it was with some disappointment that we didn’t see it represented in full photogrammetry, as with many other cities in MSFS. Notably, at the time Orbx released a scenery pack that improved the city’s scenery (although many were disappointed with that as well).

Well, today we bring you an exceptionally good recreation of central London, so good that it may leave you speechless as you cross the Thames. The iconic city skyline looks absolutely amazing, with most of the world famous buildings perfectly represented and proportioned. This amazing work by Olmecslayer is only possible by the use of Google Maps data to build all the photogrammetry used in this scenery pack.

There’s a few things missing, like BT tower, Battersea Power Station, and some glitches along the river and with some bridges. However, this is minimal. The absolute beauty of the scenery will blow you away and the enjoyment of flying over this amazing city simply goes through the roof with this free addon!

The images speak for themselves. Expect a slight performance drop, but nothing extreme in our experience. If you love London, this is an absolute must have!

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