Freeware Stuttgart Airport (EDDS) – restore this missing airport to MSFS

One of the curious particularities of Microsoft Flight Simulator are the missing airports all over the world. While uncommon, there’s a few reports of missing airfields, which range from small bush strips to large national airports. Perhaps the most glaring example of this is Stuttgart Airport (EDDS), in Germany, which has been completely replaced by a nice patch of grass. Environmentalists, rejoice!

As we know, MSFS uses imagery from Bing Maps to create the virtual world we fly in. Interestingly, Stuttgart Airport is completely blurred in Bing, so our best guess is that Microsoft’s AI couldn’t extract an airport from that data, and just left a blurred green mess behind. Why is it missing in Bing? Unclear. Government rules maybe?

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But worry not! Obviously this was an amazing opportunity for the community to get together and show its worth. And that’s how an amazing and FREE depiction of EDDS was born for MSFS. A complete and highly detailed airport that could very much be a paid addon. But it’s not. It’s a free, high-quality, completely essential creation, that while still a work in progress is already extremely usable. And very good looking.

Main features:

  • Realistic runway incl. slope, lightning system
  • Realistic apron incl. taxiway layout, parking positions and ground textures
  • Accurate NavData & procedures based on up-to-date data
  • Custom modelled 3D buildings:
    • main terminal (early version)
    • GAT hangars and terminal
    • LH Technik hangar
    • ontent -->
    • maintenance halls at taxiway N
  • Functional jetways and other ground crew features (refueling, catering etc.)