A freeware CRJ-700 for MSFS

If the idea of having a CRJ-700 in MSFS is itching you, and the wait for Aerosoft’s exciting new version is unbearable, here’s something to scratch that itch: a freeware version of the aircraft, with an exterior model converted from FSX.

If you’ve seen our previous article about the freeware Airbus A330, you will see that it’s a package put together by the same team that created the Liveries Mega Pack, who are now spinning of their project to provide freeware aircraft to the community. The CRJ-700 is one of their endeavors, and there’s more to come!

This aircraft uses the same exterior model of the same default aircraft for FSX, created for MSFS by Canadian Mods, while the cockpit is the one on the default CJ4 in MSFS. There’s also some liveries you can install, like the one from Delta you can see on our screenshots. Available here.

The result isn’t obviously the most realistic CRJ experience you can get, but still pretty fun to fly around and take some screenshots.

If you want to keep up with the team’s developments make sure to check the official Discord, and also our Freeware section for more great gratis addons and mods for Flight Simulator!