Just Flight showcases the Bleed Air Supply and Air Conditioning systems in the upcoming F28 Fellowship for MSFS

Just Flight is back with news about the F28 Fellowship for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Just Flight reveals that the development team has made significant progress on the systems coding, particularly on the bleed air and air conditioning systems. A new video has been published showcasing these two features, which exemplify the “excellence of the systems work that has gone into this add-on“, according to Just Flight. Still, almost two years since the announcement of this project, Just Flight still emphasises that the F28 is still in active development.

In this new video, Mark Allison, from Just Flight’s development team, demonstrates the bleed air and air conditioning systems in operation, starting by powering up the aircraft by checking the battery voltage and turning on the aircraft battery, starting the APU, and turning on generator 3. The APU Air switch is then set to ‘on,’ which opens the load control valve, allowing the air to enter the bleed air system and pass through a manifold, splitting between the air conditioning system and the anti-icing system.

The air conditioning system splits into two paths, with each path having its own main valve and two temperature selectors to control the temperature of the air in each path. The cabin temperature is controlled by the cabin crew via the controls in the galley, but the captain can take control of the cabin temperature using a guarded authority switch.

The bleed air and air conditioning systems function differently when using air supplied from the APU than when using air supplied from the engines. An automatic shutoff system controls the amount of air supplied by the engines based on engine RPM, opening and closing the required bleed air valves to ensure a sufficient amount of air is supplied to all subsystems during all stages of flight.

The automatic shutoff system also considers bleed air requirements for engine starting and single-engine operations. Mark shows a table with the various scenarios the system may encounter, with mechanical indicators on the bleed air supply panel providing visible indications.

The F28 Professional is set to be released this year. JustFlight states that it will continue to provide regular updates on the development of the F28 Professional. With its high level of detail and realism, the F28 Professional is set to be a standout addition to Microsoft Flight Simulator, and a must-have for enthusiasts of older airliners!