Imaginesim releases KATL Atlanta International Airport in the MSFS Marketplace

A massive new release for MSFS, KATL is the world’s busiest airport, with 5 runways spanning across 4.700 acres of land. It’s now available at the MSFS Marketplace, courtesy of Imaginesim, which brings their recreation of this huge international hub to Microsoft Flight Simulator, a complete custom-built replacement of the default Atlanta airport.

KATL is available exclusively through the Marketplace, complete with all 5 runways and 7 terminals and handcrafted buildings, all with high resolution textures. Night lightning has also been given a lot of attention.

You will also find realistic runways that are sloping and undulating, and even interactive jetways, all while maintaining a good level of performance.

Imaginesim promises regular and free update as the platform matures. There’s a lot here to keep anyone entertained, if not just by the sheer size of the thing. Should make for a challenge just to pushback and find your way to the right runway!

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