Aerosoft releases Bratislava Airport for MSFS

Aerosoft has released a new airport in Central Europe for MSFS simmers to use and explore in the simulator. Bratislava Airport (LZIB) is the latest creation from developer Pavel Movzer and his second release for MSFS, after Brno Airport, in Czechia.

Bratislava Airport is the biggest airport in Slovakia. It’s located near the country’s capital city and handles approximately 2 million passengers annually. Popular airlines operating in this airport include Ryanair, Smartwings, Wizz Air, and more.

Pavel Movzer has sought to create a highly detailed rendition of this airport for MSFS with the inclusion of many of its real-world features. The location has been comprehensively modeled, from the airport’s hangars, terminal, and administrative buildings, to nearby shopping centers and maintenance facilities.

Aerosoft LZIB Bratislava Airport MSFS 9

Aerosoft LZIB Bratislava Airport MSFS 8

Aerosoft LZIB Bratislava Airport MSFS 7

Aerosoft LZIB Bratislava Airport MSFS 6

Aerosoft LZIB Bratislava Airport MSFS 5

Aerosoft LZIB Bratislava Airport MSFS 4

Aerosoft LZIB Bratislava Airport MSFS 3

Aerosoft LZIB Bratislava Airport MSFS 2

Simmers will also find plenty of details throughout the airport, such as animated passengers, cars, and even a moving train, realistic night lighting, static ground service vehicles, and more!

Bratislava Airport is far from being a major hub in Europe, but it’s a great destination for a short hop between capitals in a popular airplane like the A320 or the 737.

Aerosoft Airport Bratislava is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator, priced at around €17.


  • Aerial covering the territory of the airport, made in CGL format
  • A significant part of the 3D objects made with the LODs system
  • Models of lamps along the runway, taxiway, apron with lighting connected to them
  • Original signs which are illuminated at night
  • Detailed passenger terminal with interior
  • Animated passengers inside the terminal and on the territory of the airport
  • Detailed logistics parks: Action DC Bratislava, DPD courier company
  • Shopping centers located near runway: 04 Decathlon Pharos, BAUHAUS, SCONTO, Segum
  • DHL delivery service
  • Detailed customs building and Slovak air traffic control center LPS SR
  • Animated cars, train moving from runway 04
  • Hangar and office building of Austrian Technik Bratislava
  • The Air Livery hangar is made with animated gates that open in the morning and close in the evening (at night, the hangar gate can be opened/closed by pressing the steering column)

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