Microsoft details partnership with Aerosoft in a new video

Microsoft’s “Partnership Series” of videos have highlighted third-party developers that have been working closely with Microsoft and Asobo in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Today, it was Aerosoft’s time to be featured, and we got to know in more detail which ways the teams have been working together. Aerosoft has released countless addons for Flight Simulator over the years, and has already several new products available for MSFS, with many more in development. One of the most anticipated is the CRJ, which got to know over the last few weeks. In this new video, we actually can see some unreleased new images of the aircraft, which will for sure make a lot of people happy and eager to finally see it released. You can watch the full video below.

Aerosoft also detailed in the video many new airports they are working on, like Brussels, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Barcelona, and many more.

We also got to know that the boxed version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is actually something that is very much under Aerosoft’s umbrella, which is really interesting to see.

Overall, it’s another showcase of Microsoft’s commitment to bring everyone onboard the new Flight Simulator, with a clear and transparent approach to the development that tries to be helpful for all third-party developers, with the goal of creating an extraordinarily rich platform for years to come. The future is bright for Flight Simulation!